Family Potluck / Picnic

Aug 17
What better way to share faith than through sharing of food? YYA is co-hosting with the Homeschooling Community this casual event for all interested families of the Annunciation Parish/School. 
It’s easy to join us!
  1. I'll Be TherePlease click the “I’ll Be There”  button and let us know what you will be bringing to share.
  2. On Sunday the 17th, drop off your food item at St. Magdalene Hall (the left side of the Adoration Chapel) before going to the 10:30 Mass (or bring it with you at 11:30 if you attend Mass at another time).
  3. After Mass, come over, grab a plate and start a conversation!
“To speak of the Church is to speak of our mother, of our family.”

– Pope Francis, June 18, 2014, General Audience, St Peter’s Square.


One thought on “Family Potluck / Picnic

  1. We won’t be able to make it this time due to a previous commitment. Thank-you for organizing this. We hope to be able to attend another time!


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