The Power of Choices

How do we choose to interact with the world? Is it majorly face-to-face, or  screen-to-screen? We introduced the topic of our A La Carte Night with a look at texting and social media and the need to conscientiously make the choice to set our gadgets aside and “Look Up”:

The video and the discussion that followed lead the teens to a conversation about our spiritual lives and how our culture impacts it:
  • what goals do people in our culture seek?
  • what guides us when making difficult decisions?
  • how much of our faith is involved in our decision making?
  • do our choices reflect an embracing Jesus in our daily lives, or sidelining Him?
What, then, can help us better bring our faith into our choices on a regular basis?
  1. Daily reading of Sacred Scripture (remember Monsignor’s challenge to begin with the Gospel of Mark this Year, and read a paragraph a day!).
  2. Practice a daily examination of conscience.
  3. Pray.
This leads us, then, beyond the mechanics of Christianity into a new realm – being more than ‘Christian’ by name, to something more; you are becoming a disciple of Christ.

Do you as a disciple agree or disagree with Fr. Robert Barron in his answer to the question:

“Who is Jesus?”

Are you with Jesus?

A La Carte Nights are a series of seven independent evenings designed to guide high school teens in the application of their faith in every day life. The combine thought-provoking discussion about today’s teen culture in light of the teachings of the Church.


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