Lenten Mission: Faith

aom_olcr_picLast night began Annunciation’s annual Lenten Parish Mission, with the topic, “Faith: Unyielding, Authentic and Loving” with Msgr. Gaston Hebert.

This first of three parts, Msgr. Hebert stressed the roll of Christians to be unyielding in their living their Christian faith according to the Gospel. He gave compelling examples where we find such unyielding faith in our modern culture. You can listen to the talk in full:

Part I: An Unyielding Faith, March 2nd, 2015 

The second of three parts, Msgr. Hebert gave us a different pronunciation for ‘Christian’: “Kraɪst-i-an”, as to say we who are followers must embody Christ. And that calls us to live authentically what we say we believe. Listen to his talk in full:

Part II: Living the Christ-ian Life Authentically, March 3rd, 2015

Enjoy! And please come join us tonight and tomorrow night for parts two and three.

7:00pm in Church, beginning with Mass.

God bless you!


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