You’re Confirmed? Now What?

Last night’s Confirmation ceremony was beautiful. The youth in their red and white robes, processing in the Church, renewing their baptismal promises, and being confirmed by Bishop Tafoya. There was something special about it all. The presence of the Holy Spirit was strong. It was exciting to watch them. One could visibly see a transformation from timidity to confidence as the Mass progressed. It was beautiful.

Now it is a new day and we have to ask ourselves, “What now?”

Monsignor Voorhies, during the retreat last Sunday asked the teens if they should expect to be changed following the reception of the Sacrament of Confirmation. Physically, we shouldn’t expect a change. But we should expect a huge change on the inside; a change in our souls. It is from this inner change we should expect great changes in our behavior, in how we see the world and people around us, and how we interact with others; it is here we can change dramatically, if we allow the Holy Spirit to continue its work in us. So, what now?

Just some things to consider doing this summer:

  • Serve in a soup kitchen. We will be going once a month to Immaculate Conception on Sundays; why not join us?
  • Volunteer as a youth leader for our POINT Summit Middle School week, or with your parish Vacation Bible School. A great way to help, and deepen your faith at the same time.
  • Take a retreat. If interested, we will help you know when and where there are great youth retreats.
  • Become a youth leader. We will be happy to help you get certified as a teen leader.
  • Join the Choir.
  • Become a Lector.
  • Become an extraordinary minister of the Holy Eucharist.

What interests you? We’d love to help you take the next step of your journey to deepening your faith, and letting God use you to bless others. What are you waiting for? Now is the time.



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