Pick it up, Read it


augustineBefore Saint Augustine became a great Bishop and a Saint, he was a wayward soul, restless, unsure that happiness and peace were possible. Until one day he heard a child’s chanting, “Pick it up, read it! Pick it up, read it!” To which he picked up the Bible and read a passage that so convicted him to the presence of God:

For instantly, as the sentence ended, there was infused in my heart something like the light of full certainty and all the gloom of doubt vanished away.

-St. Augustine of Hippo, Confessions

What keeps us from ‘picking up and reading’ the Word of God? Delay no longer! To help you, our Parish Online platform – FORMED – has a weekly reflection, Opening the Word,to help us prepare for our encounter with the Word of God at Mass. Advent is the beginning of a new season in the Church. Why not use it to begin a new habit in the Word of God?

To access the weekly reflections – and MUCH MORE – sign-up today! Just click the picture below to get started!


What are you waiting for? Start Today!



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