Pokemon are here …

It may not be new to you, but with the July launch of Pokemon Go, more kids are wondering around outside, looking for imaginary creatures through their phones. And, while looking at their phones, they are susceptible to forget what is going on around them.

What can parents do to ensure their kids are safe?

The good part of Pokemon Go is, it moves kids out of the house and encourages them to explore their neighborhoods. The troublesome part is, that as they explore they are not as aware of their surroundings as they should be.

The startup screen helps us out, warningstating:

“Remember to be alert at all times. Stay aware of your surroundings.”

That’s good advice. Some parents around the web have chimed in with other good advice, summarized here:

  • Protect yours and your child’s identity. Use a screen name that will not easily connect back to you.
  •  Watch where you are going. It is exciting when our phones alert us that a rare Pokemon is in range for capture. It is easy to forget that the world doesn’t stop when we are on the hunt for Pokemon.
  • Make sure that you are in a safe place (not in the middle of the street or on a busy sidewalk) and stop walking to make the capture.
  • When walking, hold the phone at your side – the phone will alert you if a Pokemon is in range.
  • If playing at night/evening, wear bright colored clothes, and have a couple of friends with you. Pokemon Go is much more fun with friends anyway, since the same Pokemon can be captured by multiple players.
  • Know where your child is playing.
  • You can know when your child is playing by checking his/her Trainer Journal (click on the trainer head at bottom left of screen, tap green menu button bottom right of screen, tap journal, and you can read the history of game activity.

For more information, read the following articles from parents with kids:

From Android Central: A Parent’s Guide to Pokemon Go

10 Things You Need to Know About Pokemon Go

Anything you as a parent would add?  Try the combox below :)

An aside:  

Many families are getting into the game, with some parents returning to their childhood roots. It would be an interesting survey to ask parents if they collected the cards when they were kids (the Pokemon card game was released in 1996), or if teens were fans of Pokemon video games (released in 2006). What about you? When were you first aware of Pokemon? 



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