Lent: The Spiritual Journey

Lent. A time we think of giving up sweets, or exercising more. But if we are to live this penitential season well, what is it really about?

On Ash Wednesday, we heard in the Collect (Opening Prayer) these words:
“…as we take up battle against spiritual evils, we may be armed with weapons of self-restraint.”

Lent is a time of ‘taking up battle against spiritual evils’. It is a time of toughening ourselves to resist temptation and things that do not help us toward our true goal: Heaven – our eternal home.

From the time we are old enough to walk, we begin small habits of self-denial: giving up sweets; be nice to our brothers and sisters; and avoid doing or saying things we know are wrong.

As we grow, however, our lenten practices need to deepen. It’s no longer enough to give up chocolate or facebook/snapchat. These are good, but what more can we do?

Here are a few things that Annunciation Parish is offering to help you make the most of your Lenten Journey.

First. Dedicate your Friday evenings to prayer and community.


Don’t bother cooking at home. Come as a family and enjoy a simple soup and bread meal with your church community. This is followed by a Lenten Reflection by Fr. Thomas, and concludes with the Stations of the Cross. Adding this one practice into your Lenten plan will help you guard your heart to remember Jesus in his suffering, and give you courage to do the same.

Second. Pick up and Read a Spiritual Book.


As a gift, Annunciation gave away the book Rediscover Jesus. We are offering a daily reminder and reflection, delivered right to your email box. Each day’s post is brief, has a daily quote from a saint, and a music video that ties to the day’s topic. Click the book to sign up for the posts




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