Jesus is Risen!

We heard amazing things happened this week concerning Jesus, and managed to catch the Apostle John after Mass to ask him about it. Below is his recollection of events:

We – Jesus’ followers – just came through some very difficult days, an emotional rollercoaster in fact.

First, there was the Passover meal like no other. The rabbi Jesus told us to eat the bread and drink the cup saying, “This is My body, given for you…this is the covenant in My blood, poured out for you.” All of us did so, not quite sure what he meant at the time, and left us a bit afraid.

We went out to pray as we often did, but this night, Judas brought soldiers to the garden, who arrested Jesus, brought Him before the Sanhedrin, and then to Pilate who condemned Him to death.

Oh, the cruelty of the soldiers! They mocked Jesus, spat on him, and whipped his body. They didn’t stop there, but continued their brutality along the road that Friday afternoon. It was too much to bear, watching Jesus carrying that heavy cross, after already receiving so many blows and scourges. They nailed Jesus to the cross on Calvary hill, just outside the city. And there, at three in the afternoon, he died, but not before he could forgive those who  persecuted him. The sky itself seemed outraged at his death, the sun hidden behind the clouds.

With the help of Joseph of Arimathea, we laid Jesus in a tomb; we had to do it quickly because the sabbath was about to begin. It was a very sad few days for us! We were hiding out of fear that the Romans would come looking for us; and the   women were anxious to properly anoint the body. At the first opportunity they went quickly to the tomb, but there was no body to be found! The tomb was open, and they claim they saw an angel who told them Jesus was not dead but was alive! The women came back shouting, “Jesus isn’t there! He is alive!” Peter and I ran to the tomb, and found everything as the women said. I tell you, when I saw for myself, I believed:    

Jesus is Alive! He is truly RISEN from the dead! Alleluia



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