Do You Still Not Know Me?

Imagine spending time with a friend, and after a while you are asked to name what your friend’s favorite color is. Do you know? Do you know what music they like? Where they come from? What they like to do? Jesus was with his disciples for three years, and yet Philip isn’t sure that he sees God. He asks Jesus to show him the Father. In other words, he wants a tangible sign that he can touch of God. Jesus asks him, “Have I been with you for so long a time and you still do not know me?” Doesn’t Philip realize he is already in the presence of God, the Word made Flesh?

One of the best facets of God is his display of love by sending his Son Jesus into the world that the world may know God. God created everything, yet he longs to be united with his creation—with us!

Philip was seeking for more tangible signs of God’s presence. We too have hearts that are hungry to know God. And God is all too ready to give, if we open our hearts to receive him.


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