GM 30

Mark 2015Welcome to the Gospel of Mark in 30 Days!

GM30 is a project of Annunciation YOUTH to provide a 30 day audio reading of the Gospel of Mark. For just 10 minutes a day in the scriptures, in less than a month, you will have read the whole Gospel.
This project was inspired by Monsignor Bennett J. Voorhies, the Pastor of Annunciation Parish, in his challenge to our youth to read the Gospel of Mark this year. We decided to pay forward the challenge to our whole parish community, and to assist them, we took up the task of making it available online for you to listen and read along with us!
Below you will find the reading plan for the GM30, and the audio links for each day. We recommend that you make your own personalized plan. Maybe you know you won’t have time on a particularly busy day of the week. Don’t despair! You will see that the daily Podcasts are labeled GM30 Day 1, GM30 Day 2, etc., So that you can decide which days, and how often you listen.
Note:  We really recommend that you try to spend 10 minutes a day listening and reading to the Word of God, as a way to build a good habit of keeping your Bible dust free!
So come join us!

Featured: Lay it Down, Matt Maher

Featured: Lord, I Need You, Matt Maher)

Featured: I Surrender, Hillsong

Featured: Cry Out to Jesus, Third Day

Featured: Open the Eyes of My Heart, Michael W. Smith

GM30 Day 6 (Mark 4:21-41) (Featured: Praise You in the Storm, Casting Crowns)

GM30 Day 7 (Mark 5:1-20)  (Featured: Trust in Jesus, Third Day)

GM30 Day 8 (Mark 5:21-43)  (Featured:  Give Me Faith, Elevation Worship)

GM30 Day 9 (Mark 6:1-29)  (Featured:  Maranatha, Mark Maher)

GM30 Day 10 (Mark 6:30-56)  (Featured:  Who Am I, Casting Crowns)

GM30 Day 11 (Mark 7:1-37)  (Featured Video:  I Will Follow, Chris Tomlin)

GM30 Day 12 (Mark 8:1-38)  (Featured Video:  Christ is Enough, Hillsong)

GM30 Day 13 (Mark 9:1-29)  (Featured Video:  Teach Me How to Pray, Jason Upton)

GM30 Day 14 (Mark 9:30-50)  (Featured Video:  The Lord’s Prayer, Michael W. Smith)

GM30 Day 15 (Mark 10:1-31)  (Featured Video:  I Can Only Imagine, Mercy Me)

GM30 Day 16 (Mark 10:32-52) (Featured Video: In Christ Alone, Lou Fellingham)

GM30 Day 17 (Mark 11:1-33)  (Featured Video:  Jesus, My Everything, Matt Maher)

GM30 Day 18 (Mark 12:1-17)  (Featured Video: You Are My All in All, Nichole Nordeman)

GM30 Day 19 (Mark 12:18-44)  (Featured Video:  Shema, Anna Brooks)

GM30 Day 20 (Mark 13:1-13)  (Featured Video:  Surrendered in Praise, Jeremy Riddle)

GM30 Day 21 (Mark 13:14-37)  (Featured Video:  Because He Lives, Matt Maher)

GM30 Day 22 (Mark 14:1-21)  (Featured Video: Surrender All, Chris Chilala)

GM30 Day 23 (Mark 14:22-42)  (Featured Video:  See You in the Eucharist, Danielle Rose)

GM30 Day 24 (Mark 14:43-72)  (Featured Video:  Forgive Me, Nicole C. Mullen)

GM30 Day 25 (Mark 15:1-22)

GM30 Day 26 (Mark 15:23-47)

GM30 Day 27 (Mark 16:1-8)

GM30 Day 28 (Mark 16:9-20)

GM30 Day 29 (Long vs Short Ending)

GM30 Day 30 (what’s next?)