Middle School Ministry

Our Youth are our future. To help them succeed as CatholicBdcreoBT9s, our primary goal is:

To pass on the Catholic Faith in a way that engages and excites our Middle School youth.  Through prayer, service, worship, interactive activities, skits, games and community -building activities, youth are encouraged to explore their faith and foster a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  We hope to guide our middle school kids on their path to discipleship.

The Development of a Middle School Ministry for Annunciation Parish consists of the following three components: FormationYouth Group and Outreach.


We are able to offer a broader, more interconnected vision for MS Formation – rather than treat each year as independent and unrelated, we see the 6th, 7th and 8th grade years as a 3-year cycle with each year building on the last.  We are hopeful that this approach will serve as a solid launch into their high school Confirmation process.

The three-year cycle includes the following areas of focus:

6th Grade – Following Christ

7th Grade – Life of Grace

8th Grade – Life in the Church

A mix of large group/small group format to provide a more hands-on, apprenticeship approach to the faith.  Once a month, youth will meet as a large group to explore the month’s theme and interact as an entire group.  These sessions will consist of lecture, interactive activities and games to foster a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ and the greater Church community.  The kids will then unpack the monthly topic further in their classrooms with their small group leaders/catechists.

Middle School Youth Group

From September through June, Middle School youth are encouraged to participate in our Youth Group activities.  Through service projects, youth nights, games & and off-site activities, youth practice teamwork and leadership skills, build friendships and help make a difference to those in need.  Some of these will be on Sundays as part of the Formation of MS Youth; others will be stand-alone activities where youth can invite their friends from school to come, or even whole families.

 Middle School Outreach

The Middle School Outreach, the third component of our Middle School Ministry, offers the opportunity for 6th, 7th & 8th graders to participate in serving the community. The youth will come to understand the value of giving themselves and their time to others, in the context of the Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy. These outreach opportunities will be done both as part of Formation on Sundays and have other opportunities that families can do on their own.

Coming Up!  

Las Pastorelas – Fall 2016!

Casa Angelica Project – Early Spring 2017!

 What happened to the POINT?!?
The POINT and The WAY (Religious Education Middle School) are merging to provide families a more unified approach to serving their youth. We hope that we will be able to serve a broader spectrum of needs in this way under one name (to be chosen by the youth in an upcoming contest). 
If you have any questions about what Annunciation Parish’s mission to Middle School Youth, please contact us!

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