30-Day Prayer Challenge

Would your life change if you prayed for ten minutes a day?
The Youth Confirmation group asked this question, and is going to find out with a 30-Day Prayer Challenge, spending 10 minutes a day in prayer, for 30 Days. That ten minutes might not sound like a lot, but in the course of a month, they will, collectively, wrack up 13,500 minutes with our Lord Jesus Christ!
How does this work?
We were challenged by Matthew Kelly of dynamiccatholic.com:

“Here’s my challenge for you: Practice the Prayer Process every day for thirty days. After thirty days I hope you are convinced that prayer should remain a daily habit for the rest of your life.”

Next, we learned a seven-step prayer process:

Prayer Process


Next Step ==>> We need to put it into action. Choose a time and place that you can make your 10 minute appointment with God every day, and stick with it for 30 Days! This is the formula not so much to learn ‘how’ to pray, but that praying means ‘showing up’. Just show up for 30 Days with God, and you will form the habit of prayer for a lifetime. 
What better way to prepare for Christmas this Advent Season then commit to 10 minutes a day a quiet time with the Lord? 
If you are ready for the challenge, proceed below. 
Sign up before Monday, December 1 
and receive your free Prayer Process Card!*

Are you up for the Challenge? Sign up here:  

* Must be able to come by the Parish Office and pick up the Prayer Process card. Only one card per parishioner.


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